Meaning of identifiers

For the purpose of this research, Het Koninkrijk has been subdivided hierarchically, as follows, and each element of the hierarchy has been given a unique identifier. The XML snippet corresponding to each element/identifier can be obtaines via:<id>

where <id> is the identifier.

Each of these element types has an identifier attribute @vk:id, which reflects the hierarchical structure. Each identifier consists of the prefix nl.vk.d., followed by a point-separated list of numbers denoting book, chapter, section, paragraph. E.g., in Volume 11b, second half, we find a footnote with the identifier:



Volume 11a, second subvolume's vk:book (regarded as a single identifier part; the separator is ., not -).
Chapter Het gouvernement en de nationalisten, the second element below vk:book. The tenth chapter in De Jong's scheme; this is not reflected in the identifier but in a separate attribute.
First vk:section (untitled, as the first section of a chapter always is).
First vk:subsection.
Sixth paragraph (vk:p).
The actual footnote.